XXLip /bä(l)m/

XXLip /bä(l)m/

NOT only can we pride ourselves with the fact that we are supporting local business...BUT the FUN FACT that these LipBalms do absolute wonders for your lips cannot be overstated! 

Designed for guys and gals alike...there is no comparison! The ingredients list that has been thought-up in their creative labs not only helps us take the stride towards a more natural/organic approach but creates a company dynamic that *pun intended* travels by mouth from lip to luscious lip! And with a relentless strive to burry those chemically-filled things they call "Lip-balm" once and for all...we are left with luscious, moisturizing balm that each uniquely the carries it's own story and always ends with a happy ending!

Plus the other very cool and inspiring idea that XXLipBalm does is they switch out there stock...WHOLE STOCK...every...single...July with NEW and ExCITING Aromas that are sure to please even the hardest committed individual!

Want to smell these bad boys out...come check em out at Oak+Tonic where we carry the whole collection and eagerly await our Market season where we will be "popping-up" all over #yyc to deliver these treasures to this dynamically beautiful city we call home!


<3 Oak+Tonic Team


P.s. Dem lips never felt better after a "Swipe-Right" ;)

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