It is early in life that Isabelle began her love affair with perfumes and all things scented and nicely packaged. Although it is a bit of a mystery why she is so interested by scent, it probably has something to do with her sensitive, intuitive and perceptive nature. But as strong as this liking for perfumes was, living in Canada, far away from the epicentre of perfumery, made it almost impossible for her to imagine that a career could result from it. The thought actually never crossed her mind.

      Well unaware at the time, Isabelle then began a journey that would be at the heart of her project: the accumulation of an amazing wealth of experiences, through travels, crazy adventures, wonderful distractions, and lots of soul searching, from which she would later gather the inspiration for her perfumes and from which would emerge the Monsillage brand. 

      What glued these diverse experiences together was her love of life and all that it had to offer. With so many things to see and do, how could she ever settle for just one. She thus decided to live life to its fullest and dabble in many things. She fled, as much as she could, the chains of monotony and stability for the wings of freedom that bring such elevation, lightheartedness, perspective and hope.

      Many years later, unsatisfied professionally and feeling the weight of a grounded existence, Isabelle decided to do a bit of soul searching to recapture the essence of who she was. She naturally turned to her youth and to her love of perfume and re-embarked on her perfumed journey. 

      This road led her to Versailles in France where she attended the renowned ISIPCA perfume institute, a necessary stop for acquiring the perfume ‘savoir-faire’ that would allow her to bring to life the project that was slowly taking shape in her head. 

      Monsillage was born two years later; the result of a somewhat disorienting life path that has achieved, much like a spinning top, surprising balance. Perfumed memoirs gathered left and right along a winding road… the proof that not all who wander are lost. 

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