About + Us

Est 2015, Oak+Tonic is a boutique organic skincare, hair-care, beauty salon and website at the forefront of the move towards natural and organic skincare.
Specializing in emerging results-driven niche brands, Oak+Tonic is regarded as Calgary's leading organic and natural apothecary with growing brands on the daily.

A massive focus for our Company is to showcase the amazing Canadian Skincare lines readily available with ingredients harvested, sourced, manufactured and distributed from east coast to west coast!

The ‘Oak’ tree symbolizes strength and community while the word ‘Tonic’ is defined as giving a feeling of vigor or well-being; and sold in Apothecaries historically as our tonics & Tinctures!

The White Stag is historically represented by the joy of the chase to a new and fresh adventure; so to capture happiness!

Combined together our logo is a creative narrative which is the new face of adventure in your active pursuit to a new and improved lifestyle!

We represent our love of community involvement and that culture it creates while leaning towards a movement of a more holistic lifestyle anyone at any age can adopt!


We welcome you to a new and Improved Lifestyle!

<3 Oak+Tonic Team