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We wanted to circle back around to why we started Oak+Tonic in the first place... With a healthy lifestyle in mind, and a focus on 100% Canadian made brands...we are not just a store with a selection of beauty brands, but rather a lifestyle!

That lifestyle entails a healthy mind, body in regards to what goes into it (and not just on top of it). What covers it, soothes it...relaxes or invigorates; all of which is a process to achieve that balanced life internally, as much as it is externally!

Moving forward we are going to start sharing some go to recipes that have been tried and true. Quick and easy or something that just requires a little extra TLC! Some skincare hacks and some DIY hair routines and tips from professional hairstylists!

We hope this shines a light on what Oak + Tonic is really about and what is truly important in life and what we as whole need to cherish most of all (as we only ever receive one in this lifetime); our entire body!

<3 Oak + Tonic Team

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