Who We Are


 The Creation

Oak+Tonic was created by the people for the people! Its been in the making for over 6 years now, and with societies commitment to a more natural lifestyle became more of a necessity rather than a hobby; Oak + Tonic was born!
In using natural beauty products as an alternative to the mainstream beauty industry, we see products being marketed at women and men that have been either prescribed or marketed many medical treatments, most of which contain synthetic chemicals - there had to be an alternative. 

 With the amazing abundance of ingredients Canada has to offer, we figured this was a no-brainer! Locally sourced, manufactured and produced Brands of Skincare make up the vast majority in our collection of remedies! From Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal to Halifax; all ingredients grown by hand ethically sourced and processed with love line our shelves! 


The Belief System 

Too often do we find the only shopping destinations to be visually overwhelming with flashing SALE signs, pseudoscience regarded as “evidence”, and miracle skin claims.

  We believe in keeping things simple and honest. You are not going to find any popups telling you how you can look 60 years younger overnight, or how 'doctors hate me for this one simple reason ads' etc. Instead of showcasing every brand known to humankind, making navigation a dizzying and endless scroll, we carefully create a selection of products we have tried and believe in.

Whether that means a product is handcrafted, RAW, small batch, Organic, all natural, smells AMAZING, or is just plain cool, we believe in valuing products that are both safe and effective. It is this unwavering commitment to excellence that leaves us with the desire to always be better.