Oak + Tonic

Oak + Tonic | Dolce Tonico Botanical Fragrance


We are so thrilled to have taken a beautiful sensory journey to Vancouver Island and work exclusively with one of our brand partners Palma from Zingaro! With her wealth of knowledge in Botanical Perfume Artistry and our passionate drive to recreate an immersive memory; 'Dolce Tonico' was born!

Using absolutes and concrete oils to create this pure botanical journey, we wanted to craft a short 'snap-shot' story in a landscape during Carnival in a place non-other than Venice, Italy!

'Dolce Tonico' = Sweet Tonic in Italian, but to us, sweetness does not just come from taste and sense but also with memories, dancing in the rain on cobble stone road with no cares in the world...dance like no one is watching!

We hope you enjoy!


Oak+Tonic team

45.4408N, 12.3155E


Top Note:

Italian Lemon + Bergamot


Black Tea + Neroli + Jasmine


Frankincense + Patchouli


Dolce Tonico

The air is filled with sweet memories,

ancient juices unraveled by fruit.

Sophistication and mystery follow,

behind a pair of eyes does a carnival arise.

Potent and pure are the thoughts of an evening dance,

as the salt waters rise and laden truth to everyone's glance.

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