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In the rapidly evolving Natural & Organic beauty sector Oak+Tonic provides a hand-picked selection of the most advanced, cult natural beauty brands from across Canada. Brand selection involves meeting a criteria, which ensures undesirable synthetic chemicals, are edited whilst focusing on results driven high-end beauty brands. Proving that the desire to go natural is no longer a compromise on results or luxury.

Some Media/Press mentions from our Lifestyle Brands we carry! 


Graydon Plant Powered Skincare



Kaia Naturals



Di Morelli Skincare


With the launch of some of the most advanced organic skin and hair-care brands into the Canadian market, Oak+Tonic showcases Graydon Plant Powered  Skincare, Di Morelli Skincare, Prairie Bliss Botanicals, Zyderma and many more!

Covering product categories such as organic hair care, organic perfume, organic make up and of course organic skincare for woman and men means that Oak+Tonic is a one stop shop for all your natural beauty requirements.
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