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A kit for those new to natural deodorant or struggling with odor breakthrough.

the takesumi detox method is a proven underarm practice that uses the power of activated charcoal in a two-step system to transform natural deodorant into extra-strength protection. Together, these two products mask the effects of ‘deodorant detox’ and help keep you fresh and odourless throughout the day.

Using the charcoal underarm bar, the takesumi method rids you of all odor-causing bacteria in the underarm area. This also washes away deodorant residue from the previous day. Then, the takesumi charcoal deodorant can be applied to deodorize and keep you feeling fresh and odorless all day long.

  • 1 takesumi charcoal deodorant 12g
  • 1 charcoal underarm bar 1.3 oz


Maximize the bacteria-eliminating power of the underarm bar by massaging the lather in the underarm area for at least 20 seconds on each side. If you have underarm hair, lather for 30 seconds.

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