About XX /bä(l)m/

After working at a cosmetic store for seven years, I realized lip balm was never really done "right" in my humble opinion. I felt that lip balm should be neutral, ultra moisturizing, gently scented, in a stick form (so no cooties/germs get transferred from your hands), and most importantly made to be a part of your routine. In July 2016 after a couple of formulas and scents nailed down I decided to go for it and make XX Cosmetics Inc. 

Our concept of "limited" comes from the fact that every year starting in July there will be a brand new season of lip balm to bring into your every day routine. This keeps things fresh and evolving like you as a person.

XX uses organic ingredients when we can and is proudly made in Vancouver, Canada using local beeswax from Surrey. We are incredibly excited to start our lip balm journey here in Calgary and getting to meet you (customers, vendors, and everyone in between) has been the most rewarding part of starting XX.