MANDUST™ was born out of the passionate search for a talc and corn-free, natural body powder, that not only keeps you dry and comfortable – but makes you smell like a real man…not a baby. MANDUST™ takes a stand against chemical-ridden products that shouldn't be used on important, valuable areas

      i.e. your junk
      Based in Toronto, Canada, MANDUST™ is here to provide men with an alternative to all the baby-scented and weird-smelling talc powders out there that just DON'T CUT IT. MANDUST™ is doing this for all the men out there who bring passion to their work, their families, their friends – and still find time to break a sweat throughout the day, doing whatever it is they love.
      Why these Ingredients?

      Arrowroot: is a much-improved substitute to its highly GMO'd compadre, corn starch. Arrowroot absorbs moisture naturally, making your skin softer and smoother. But it’s not just silky smooth and lightweight! It’s also functional. Arrowroot will help with certain skin irritations and reduce itchiness.   

      White Kaolin Clay: is a natural detoxifier and cleanser. White Kaolin Clay is used in the health and beauty world to remove dead skin cells and stimulate regeneration. For this reason, it’s a major component of MANDUST™. But there’s more. White Kaolin Clay also helps contribute to the absorbency of oil, which gives a dry, smooth and soft feel to the boys. 

      Zinc Oxide: we've all heard of Zinc being used as a natural source of UV protection – but it’s used in MANDUST™ for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Zinc also reduces skin irritation and inflammation, which is an added benefit when it's applied to something as precious as your junk.


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