Lavami...'Wash Me' in Italian

What an absolute pleasure and thrill it is to actually have an amazing line for one...a local YYC brand two and the fact that this line is just immaculately conceived and distributed is a close cry to perfection!

You can tell that the owner loves what she does and because of that we receive a line that helps us maintain our right to use Natural, Biodegradable and Organic products for our cleansing rituals!

From Body Soap pucks filled with essential oils and moisturizing butters, to mens shaving and body scrubbing coffee grounds...this line encompasses a full well rounded cleansing routine that will surly want to make you 'Lavami'

<3 Oak+Tonic Team


Philosophy (From Lavami)

"We believe in leading a natural life and that what we put in and on our bodies should be derived wholly from nature. Skin care ingredients should be pure and free from toxic ingredients like synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorants. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from all over the world, with many locally, to ensure that that they are non-GMO, sustainable and of the highest quality. Great skin takes commitment, not a miracle, and using the right products with the right nutrients for your skin type will lead to clear, glowing, even toned skin. Healthy skin is beautiful skin".

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