Black Friday...Small Business Saturday...Not sure about Sunday...Cyber Monday Bonanza!

I think thats it right?

If you are as overwhelmed by that as I am, lets just take this moment to inhale and exhale! *ting*...wait *ting*...wait "ting*.... 


So as we deck the halls and brace ourselves for complete and udder MADNESS, I am here to give you a friendly reminder...that our spirit has been lacking and the meaning of why and what we do as a community has fallen under a 9-5 mentality and we forgot to see the big picture!


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Yes I am here to also tell you that we will have WICKED Deal's on Black Friday online, and an amazing assortment of holiday gift baskets at our upcoming markets, but that is all I want to say about that matter in this blog!


As we move forward, think of something everyday that you can do with the remaining days of the month and then into December! Something small, something achievable or what are you grateful for? When you achieve it or figure it out, have a mini victory dance just for you! We care so much about what others say ALL the time, "what they think about me?",  "how I should be according to so and so" and so on!
Try and bring back the meaning of "Christmas-Holiday-Spirit", and even if you are the "meaning" I mean how people treat one and other and ourselves! It's been a long year (yet also feels very short at times) and we have so much to reflect DO IT!
The good, the bad...all of it! And now that you are a whole year older and that much wiser, remember you did it, you got here! Could have been from someone that helped you, so acknowledge that individual; Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister or Friend...whomever that may be! Maybe you did it all on yourself...SO CELEBRATE that!
Lets all come together and celebrate the year together...after-all, isn't that what truly is the meaning of the Holidays!?
<3 Oak+Tonic

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