Natures Little Miracle

Every now and again...a small group of people come together to create something magical! This little but mighty company called Zyderma was born!

The treasures this company carries not only is an all natural Canadian product but also a little miracle in a jar! We cannot rave enough about this micro-silver hidden secret within such a densely packed market of skincare goods!

Safe enough to put right down to a baby's bum, this topical light matte finish cream glides on skin like satin! It is perfect for women and men alike and protects your face from all the environmental damages it encounters on a daily basis; such as bacteria free-radicals and anything really that can cause inflammation!

Zyderma can be used under make-up as a foundation primer or fresh out of the shower after a cleansed face or body; just apply a thin layer of pure natural protection and away you go!

If you think you have tried it all...we encourage you to put forth one more chance at finding your happily ever after to finally find the right one stop shop to your skin care routine...#putzydermaonit


<3 Oak+Tonic Team

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