At Zyderma®, we take a forward-thinking, eco-scientific approach to daily skin care. Rather than replace the body’s mechanisms, products should support & strengthen our skin’s biome - a veritable “pharmacy” of microflora that are an integral part of a healthy appearance.

      We believe this is a more responsible approach to skincare than solely relying on conventional products with harsh ingredients and sanitizers that strip healthy organisms (or microflora) that our skin relies upon to maintain a healthy and balanced appearance. 

      The porous Micronized Silver particles in our Clarifying Cream formula provide a high and sustained antimicrobial cleansing action by continuously releasing silver ions. This reduces the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms and supports the skin’s natural healing process.
      Micronized Silver improves the skin's appearance quickly and lastingly. It helps to reduce the risk of skin problems caused by overpopulation of germs.
      Skin care products with Micronized Silver form an invisible film on the surface of the skin. Even after other ingredients are absorbed the Micronized Silver particles remain on the surface of the skin and continue to provide antimicrobial cleansing activity.
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