I am Clarissa, founder of The Hair Routine. I was born and raised in a multi-ethnic family in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Growing up, haircare rituals were taught to me by my grandmother who, in turn, had inherited them from her own, native-born grandmother. As a child, I spent most of my summers sitting under the mango tree in her front yard, listening to her stories while she combed my long, wavy hair. She taught me to make my own hair masks by using natural ingredients from our own garden. She was the spark that ignited my obsession with self-care and the important role that nature plays in our daily routines.

      Most importantly, she taught me that caring for my hair is more than simply a hobby, but rather a way of reconnecting with myself.

      When I moved to Canada, I started understanding that the knowledge I have about hair care is part of my heritage and is not accessible to everyone. That’s what spurred me to learn more and prepare myself to be able to create a solution for this problem. A solution that would allow me to share my curiosities and understandings about hair with both my immediate community as well as remote ones.
      Meaningful connections, routines with purpose, and high-performing products without compromising your health nor our planet's. There should be a balance between the best of nature along with everything technology can provide; we shouldn’t have to choose between these. This is why we partnered with local chemists to achieve both!

      I started The Hair Routine to create beyond high performance products along with the guidance we are all seeking. To support this goal I am creating a community that can help us rejuvenate our relationship with hair to maximize our innate hair potential.

      We build smart solutions for people to be able to make smart decisions because loving yourself and loving your hair starts with understanding how to care for them.

      I’m happy that you’re here.

      Clarissa Fonseca de Queiroz

      Founder & CEO
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