The Big Lie About Moisturizers

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Can you believe it’s almost November already? Might as well embrace it! As the weather changes, you may notice your skin feeling tight after washing and drier in general because the face is particularly prone to effects of the environment (drying in cold, arid conditions). Don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be this way all season.  

So what does this mean for your winter skin care regime? What should you be looking for in a moisturizer now when it’s most important? After reading this you’ll never think the same way about your daily moisturizer again.

The term “moisturizer” is actually a misnomer. That’s right, your moisturizer doesn’t actuallyadd moisture to your skin. Instead, it restores the barrier function of the epidermis  (the outer layer of the skin) by preventing what’s called trans dermal water loss (TDWL). It does this in three major ways…

  1. with occlusives: oily substances that cover tiny fissures (breakages) in the skin   
  2. with emollients which provide a protective film, filling in the space between shedding skin cells
  3. with humectants which retain water and draw it from the inner layer to the outer layer of skin


Now that you know how it works, here’s what to look for. (Not all moisturizers are created equal).

Below are 4 specific ingredients that will restore the moisture barrier for all skin types and prevent TDWL:

  1. Glycerin (a humectant): Acts as a “water magnet” that binds with water molecules and traps them in skin cells. This ingredient replicates and enhances skin’s self-moisturizing ability.
  2. Panthenol (a humectant): It penetrates into the lower layer of the skin and is easily absorbed.
  3. Tocopheryl Acetate (you know it as Vitamin E):  it’s lipid soluble which means it can enter a cell by dissolving in the lipid portion of the membrane and diffusing through it. The greater the lipid solubility, the more readily a molecule will pass through the membrane.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid (a humectant): We saved the best for last…Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture. It’s naturally occurring in our skin but diminishes with time, causing the skin to lose elasticity and expose signs of aging.




P.S. Be sure your cleanser isn’t a soap or detergent which raises the pH, thereby breaking down the moisture barrier further. (That’s why we formulated our Di Morelli Cleanser with surfactants which won’t irritate or dehydrate the skin)

Did you know? A complete list of ingredients is available online for each Di Morelli product. Be sure to check out our Moisturizer and Hydrating Gel.

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