Take a look at Di Morelli Crew in action showcasing the whole skincare line to the dapper and savy men of Vancouver at the Gentleman's Evening hosted by men’s customer clothier Haberdasher and Co at the classy Donnelly Executive Suite in Vancouver. And later chatting skin care with these excellent men & savored spoken word from @prevailprevail and sips from our neighbor’s fine scotch whisky @theglenlivetca"

Not only is this line designed to perfect ladies skincare routines but also the men in our lives. Speaking from personal experience...just shaving with the Hydrate gel is a life changing moment when it come to my skincare routine. The blade just glides across the face and I do not suffer from one single ingrown hair...finishing off with the moisturizing cream and I am set for the dry Calgary Elements...all while I might add (strutting my vogue with a simple yet subtle aroma!) #dimorellicrewforthewin

P.s. Wish we could have been there...We might just have to do something like this in Calgary one day (hint hint) 


<3 Oak+Tonic

Hydrate Gel     Moisturizer      Cleanser


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