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Our signature Cleanse Blend is a light and refreshing mix of our high-quality Bulgarian lavender, peppermint, Sicilian lemon. It's both refreshing from the initial peppermint notes but also calm and soothing with the lavender and lemon, which follows afterward. Designed to tidy up the air in any room. 

Also available in an essential oil blend.

100 ml


Cleaning around the house

Watching Marie Kondo

Opening the windows and letting fresh air in

How To Use

Spray any room or yoga mat that needs a refresh. Lemon and lavender fight germs and keep your mat and air clean and smelling great. Cleanse Blend is a favourite for washroom spray.

Our sprays have been designed to be super versatile - use them on yourself, at yoga, in the gym bag, or at the house. 

Full Ingredients List

Distilled water, vegetable glycerin, lavender, peppermint, lemon

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