Nala Care

Nala | Spearmint & Lime, Extra Strength Deodorant


Our Spring Edition Spearmint & Lime deodorant is inspired by the feeling of relaxation that comes with drinking a refreshing mint & lime mojito on a sunny day.

This calming sensation is produced by the grounding effects of spearmint and  copaiba oil. This deodorant is also reminiscent of a fresh mint candy, where spearmint, Japanese peppermint, and lime swirl together and leave behind a cooling effect with a touch of sweetness.

This is an all gender scent.

STRENGTH: Extra Strength

SMELLS LIKE: A fresh mojito, mint candy

BENEFITS: Peppermint and spearmint are antibacterial, reduce fatigue and relieve nasal congestion associated with springtime allergies, making this deodorant perfect for the upcoming months.

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