Nala Care

Nala | Lavender & Vetiver, Sensitive Skin Deodorant


Our Spring Edition Lavender & Vetiver deodorant is made specifically for sensitive skin and is free-from baking soda.

It works for those that are sensitive to coconut oil as it is made from organic luxurious camellia seed oil with the addition of nourishing avocado oil.

This deodorant contains sage, which is particularly effective in natural deodorants due to its ability to reduce sweating. This is an all gender scent.

STRENGTH: Sensitive Skin 

SMELLS LIKE:  A grounding and soothing blend of lavender, vetiver, sage, and fir. Soft and delicate notes of lavender connect with earthy and smoky hints of vetiver.

This relaxing fragrance is balanced with the light citrusy scent of fir needle oil and crisp sage.

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