Graydon Rejuvenate System

Graydon Clinical Luxury Skincare

Graydon Rejuvenate System

Our Rejuvenate Bundle includes products full of lush green ingredients to breathe new life back in to your skin and hair. Though perfect for any season, this bundle was created with the spring season in mind but you can certainly enjoy it any time of year.

The following 4 products are in our Rejuvenate Bundle:

  • Green Cream
    Infused with broccoli, avocado, coconut, olive, aloe and fresh herbs this light cream is like a salad for your skin.

    Aloe Milk Cleanser
    The Cleanser takes dirt and make-up off your face without stripping away the natural oils you want for your skin to stay young and fresh. This creamy oil-based cleanser works exceptionally well for all skin types because it dissolves, bonds with and pulls out the dirt, sebum and make-up lodged deep within your pores, leaving your face feeling clean and taut.

    Superfood Mask + Scrub
    If your face needs a wake-up call, then this is the product for you. Our Mask + Scrub is made with 19 outstanding superfoods, the synergy of which combine forces to gently but effectively exfoliate and brighten your face.

    Hair Smoothie
    Bursting with nutrient rich ingredients that are safe for the whole family, a little pump of our Hair Smoothie will quickly condition and detangle the finest of hair and most sensitive of scalps. Nourish your lovely locks with phyto-nutrient ingredients including broccoli seed oil while you infuse your scalp with essential oils of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme that stimulate healthy hair growth. With a unique fresh scent of fine herbs we've been able to create a formula that will leave your hair super soft and smooth but not weighed down. Great for all hair types!

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