Graydon Plant Powered Skincare

Graydon | Limited Edition Festive Glow Bag

$92 $131

Give the gift of glowing skin this holiday season with $39 in total savings!

Combine our 3 best-selling products to create the ultimate skin smoothie for your morning and night winter skincare regime. 

This Holiday Gift Bag includes 3 of Graydon’s best-selling products to give you happy, healthy, hydrated skin morning and night, throughout the winter season.

The products included are our ultra-light, water-based, multi-functional Fullmoon Serum 10 ml, brightening and highlighting effects for an overall dewy, healthy-looking radiant complexion Face Glow 40 ml, provides a weightless protective barrier against environmental pollution Face Food 100ml

How Face Glow it helps

FIRMS skin and IMPROVES elasticity with semi-precious smithsonite 
GLOWS with mineral-rich sustainably sourced mica
BRIGHTENS your complexion with ellagic acid rich raspberry seed oil
MINIMIZES the appearance of dark circles and spots with nutrient rich spirulina
SOOTHES your skin with aloe vera juice and zinc-rich pumpkin seed oil
RENEWS your look with skin nurturing sea buckthorn seed oil
SHIELDS your face against the elements with non-nano zinc
PROTECTS your skin from environmental stressors with rich buriti oil 

How Fullmoon Serum helps
BOTANICAL RETINOL derived from moth bean to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
PEPTIDES enriched with amino acids from hibiscus extract to help firm skin
PLANT-BASED COLLAGEN protein rich extract to diminish the appearance of pores
VITAMIN C rich moringa to assist in brightening your complexion
CHAMAZULENE rich blue tansy to curtail the appearance of redness
VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID derived naturally from senna to support hydration and boost skin health
ANTI-POLLUTION concentrate with malachite to support skin exposed to pollution

How Face Food helps

RELIEVES redness due to inflammation and acne related scars with silver
BALANCES your complexion with redness-relieving magnesium
REJUVENATES your skin visibly with collagen enhancing copper
MATTIFIES your skin with oil regulating properties of zinc
SHIELDS your face from environmental pollution and oxidative stress with copper-rich, semi-precious malachite

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