Graydon Plant Powered Skincare

Graydon | Limited Edition Berry Christmas Bag

$82 $121

Give the gift of glowing skin this holiday season with $39 in total savings!

Combine our 3 best-selling products to create the ultimate skin smoothie for your morning and night winter skincare regime. 

This Holiday Gift Bag includes 3 of Graydon’s best-selling products to give you happy, healthy, hydrated skin morning and night, throughout the winter season.

The products included are our ultra-light, water-based, multi-functional Fullmoon Serum 10 ml, microbiome balancing Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream 50 ml, gentle Blue Majik Face Foam 100ml

How Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream helps

BOOSTS skin health and SUPPORTS healthy bacteria to flourish with vegan probiotics
NOURISHES and deeply HYDRATES with blue-green algae (aka Blue Majik®) which is rich in minerals and protein-building amino acids
REVITALIZES dehydrated skin and COMBATS free radical and environmental damage from blue light exposure with our antioxidant-rich blueberry seed oil
IMPARTS elasticity and suppleness with creamy cocoa butter

How Fullmoon Serum helps
BOTANICAL RETINOL derived from moth bean to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
PEPTIDES enriched with amino acids from hibiscus extract to help firm skin
PLANT-BASED COLLAGEN protein rich extract to diminish the appearance of pores
VITAMIN C rich moringa to assist in brightening your complexion
CHAMAZULENE rich blue tansy to curtail the appearance of redness
VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID derived naturally from senna to support hydration and boost skin health
ANTI-POLLUTION concentrate with malachite to support skin exposed to pollution

How Blue Majik Face Foam helps

NOURISHES and deeply HYDRATES your skin with blue-green algae (aka Blue Majik®) which is rich in minerals and protein-building amino acids
BRIGHTENS your skin tone and visibly IMPROVES texture with azelaic acid
CLEANSES and visibly smooths complexion with natural salicylic acid from white willow bark
SMOOTHS visible wrinkles with bamboo extract rich in natural silica
BALANCES skin’s pH levels with apple cider vinegar

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