Drizzle | Tumeric Gold Raw Honey


Drizzle Turmeric Gold is our take on the traditional golden milk elixir. Stir into steamed milk or chai tea for a rich, aromatic treat, or add to your favourite face mask routine!

Drizzle Turmeric Gold is part of our Superfood Honey Collection, and as always is bee-friendly, completely raw, 100% Canadian, health conscious and superfood powered!

Ingredients: Raw Drizzle honey, Organic Turmeric, Cardamom Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Rose Oil

Available in two sizes: 350g/ 13.2oz or 80g/ 2oz. 80 gram jars

Have A Favourite Face Mask? Blend in a teaspoon into your favourite mask to enjoy the soothing and anti-inflamatory properties of honey and turmeric!

Delicious ways to enjoy Turmeric Gold: Stir into steamed milk, drizzle over roasted veggies, use on carrot cake as a healthy icing, mix into smoothies, add to curry, make into a turmeric-ginger tea, blend into a dressing, use as a glaze on pork, top yogurt or ice cream, the possibilities are endless!


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