Davines Detoxifying Shampoo


Davines Detoxifying Shampoo - Oak + Tonic

For deep cleansing and clarifying. Lightly exfoliating, Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo thoroughly cleans and stimulates the scalp, encouraging cell turnover and eliminating product build-up. Use whenever you feel your hair needs a serious detox.

Wet the hair and scalp thoroughly and apply 20 gr. of product to the scalp. Massage, adding more water if necessary. Rinse off thoroughly. The treatment with Detoxifying Scrub shampoo can be repeated any time you wish according to scalp and hair needs.

Artichoke Phytoceuticals. Rich in polyphenols, Artichokes deliver a heavy dose of antioxidants to protect hair from free-radical damage. Jojoba Oil. Harvested from the desert Jojoba shrub, this natural oil is intensely moisturizing and shine-enhancing.


Made in Italy

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