We use science to help you achieve better health, not perfection. NatureMary’s commitment to the application of science to selfcare is evident in every ingredient chosen for our products. We know the science and information can be a lot to understand but here are some basics- Terpenes are grouped together because of their distinctive carbon skeleton and their ability to provide the body with a myriad of benefits. NatureMary uses terpenes as the backbone for each formulation, specifically monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. Our formulations also contain antioxidants and carriers that your body recognizes and can process.

      We are not only committed to producing natural skin care products but also products that are made with health and ease in mind. At NatureMary, skincare is about more than achieving a look. It is about achieving healing and balance both inside and out.

      Sonia Dawson, our founder, saw the potential of nature to heal and help people achieve better health when she first came across terpenes in researching their benefits on health conditions she suffered personally. Relying on her skills in research and neural plasticity in spinal cord injures, she adopted her findings to the application of terpenes in skincare and general wellness. As this field evolves and we embark on new innovations, NatureMary is committed to changing people’s lives with products that are effective at delivering the benefits they promise.