our story

      starting as a customer our founder Rachaelle saw a missing piece in the market for affordable skincare powered makeup. "For a lot of people purchasing multiple products to test isn't really in the budget". knowing this it became essential to create a brand that was affordable, clean, sustainable, and powered by the "skin first" movement. we started with two products that we see as an essential part of your skin and makeup routine. 

      Rachaelle is a working professional who has worked with major product management, and supply chain companies in both Canada and the USA. in cities like San Francisco, Manhattan, and Calgary. from those experiences she knows first hand how easy it is for skin to absorb pollutants, toxins and bacteria, all of which contribute to skin irritation, break outs, and eventual scarring. having suffered from acne for over a decade, venturing into a clean, plant-based diet and skin routine made a significant difference to her overall skin complexion.

      by highlighting basic makeup needs supporting "skin first" formulas infused with natural, and simple ingredients this company has created effective, and affordable makeup that many people are looking for. in addition, our formulas are created with chemists who have over 20 years of experience in the clean beauty industry. 



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