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About the Brand
voir (vwaʁ) verb.
French: to see

Voir is a collection of premium haircare essentials designed to inspire your beauty routine through art. We are the medium. You are the canvas.


Art is the cornerstone of our creations. Expressive and emotional, art awakens the imagination and helps you seek perspective. Inspired by our Canadian roots, the country’s ever-changing seasons serve as the artistic backdrop for our products: the warm glow of the sun, a cleansing rain, the caress of the wind, the cool touch of first snow.


We treat our packaging with the same care and attention to detail as the products within them. Embodying the elements of weather, each nature-inspired packaging design is painted in-house on artist canvases and then digitally rendered onto our labels. From brilliant colour palettes to freewheeling brush strokes, each paint technique is a reflection of the product’s accompanying weather theme and the luxurious formula inside.



Made In Canada

From concept to creation, every step of our product development process takes place in Canada. We take pride in our country and make it a priority to support local industry and initiatives. Local production also means we can maintain a hands-on approach and unparalleled quality control throughout all stages of production. Our goal is to foster a sense of closeness and community while creating the most exciting, most effective products for you: our customers.



<3 Oak + Tonic Team

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