Sweet As Honey!

Sweet as honey!

Ohhh honey! We could not think of a more appropriate time to talk about honey than the month of love <3 Not only is this sweet ingredient delectable, but did you also know that honey in its natural form is a superfood with some very sweet benefits for your skin!

If you live in Canada, or any dry climate for that matter, you will most definitely understand the struggle of dry, dehydrated skin. That is where this holy grail of a product comes in to save the day... PUTTY!! Putty is a super soothing face cream that contains manuka honey for its anti-microbial properties. The Putty is best suited for those who have very dry skin and are searching for a product that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day without having to worry that your skin will crack. For those babes who have sensitive skin, this product should work for you as well but always be sure to do a patch test first <3

Putty is one of our favourite products from the Graydon skincare line which is a plant powered skincare that is formulated with several superfood ingredients, including honey! Come by any of our three locations and experience the power of honey yourself. Ps. We may or may not have partnered with Drizzle Honey so dont be shy to try this too!!


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