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A Quick Q & A With Riversol Founder Dr. Jason Rivers

Why did you create Riversol?

After 20 or so years of clinical practice at my clinic, I was increasingly apprehensive about recommending existing products to patients with sensitive skin. The majority of skin care products on the market contained ingredients and fillers that can cause unwanted reactions in those with sensitive skin. Most of which were filled with dyes, fragrances, sulphates, or formaldehyde.

I set about working with a local formulation chemist to create a product that would be to my standards, something I could proudly share with my patients. To this day the same formulation chemist is involved in every batch we make and all of it is produced right here in Vancouver.

What makes Riversol special?

From the start I've always insisted that we include a unique antioxidant from the Pacific red cedar tree called Beta-Thujaplicin. We call it Beta-T for short. To my knowledge, we're the only topical skincare company in the world to use it. I've spent many years as a dermatologist working with patients that have severe sun damage and skin cancer. The more research I did, the more impressed I was with this unique ingredient and its ability to reduce the look of sun spots and improve skin clarity and texture.

How can I try Riversol?

We offer a sample kit to try at our store locations. There should be enough product to last for about 15-days of regular use. In most cases this is enough time to see if Riversol is right for you.

Am I obligated to order anything after taking the sample?

No, I created the Riversol sampling program because I understand how different each individual patient's skin can be. I wanted to provide a chance for individuals to try Riversol out without any strings attached or financial commitment. So the sample is simply a sample.

What’s in the sample?

The Riversol sample kit includes 3 cleanser sachets, 3 serum sachets, and 3 moisturizer sachets. These are customized to match your skin type and concerns.


Looking to try out Riversol yourself? Come stop by any two Oak+Tonic locations and we will help guide you to just the right combination of products that suite YOUR specific needs :)

<3 Oak + Tonic Team

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