Oak+Tonic 2.0

Oak+Tonic 2.0



The phrase "New Year New Me" never sung so true! We have been BLOWN AWAY with the amount of support and excitement we have achieved through our first year in business!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping one person reach a dream/goal that was nothing more than a hobby and turn it into a passionate venture that will continue to grow, expand and relate to each and every one of you who supports this journey we are on!

Our love and passion which we strive to showcase in our everyday lives will continue to shine through with more Markets, Special Events and Guest Speakers this year; learning from our mistakes and ecstatic about our future!

We wanted to mention a shoutout to one of our newest Gals to join the Oak+Tonic Team Katie! She will be helping out at the Salon with her 18+ years of Experience in Aesthetics and inviting new guests to relax and rejuvenate with a custom catered menu of six NEW Facials that showcase what CANADA is all about when it comes to Home-Grown Ingredients blended into Skincare that is out of this world!


<3 Oak+Tonic Team

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