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1 DubTub = 1 Tree Planted

about us...

Canadian owned and operated, DubTub originated in a quaint workshop in Calgary, Alberta. Initially an old vintage garage, some good ol’ blood, sweat and tears transformed it into a fully functional wood shop: The DubShop. The founder, Adam, spent his childhood working alongside his Dad creating inventive, and sometimes unheard of, wood pieces which crafted him into the artisan he is today.

As a young adult, Adam brought his talent and passion for woodworking to life and began to build furniture for his friends and family. Their response was unanimous: they loved them! Inspired, he started sharing his wood pieces online and quickly developed a loyal base of followers and his business took off. Over time, one idea began to consume his mind and stand out from the rest: the DubTub bath board.

His dream was to transform the undeniable functionality of the classic bath board into a thing of beauty. Through accentuating the rich wood finishes and natural, raw features of the wood grain, it was envisioned to bring the tranquil elements of nature into the bathtub. Simple and understated, yet exuding luxury and class, the DubTub bath board was designed to transform your personal bathtub into a home spa getaway, encouraging a lifestyle of relaxation and serenity.



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